Monday, August 29, 2011


Protein packed Indian style pancakes....well, that's a mouthful to say! So, lets jus stick to the Indian name: Cheela.
Generally a dish found in the northern part of the country, it is similar in looks and preparation to a breakfast favorite down south! The only real difference lies in the ingredients, thus changing the taste slightly. Cheelas are quite filling and can be eaten for any meal, though the Indian tendency is to have it either as a snack or for breakfast.
Here's the ingredients you'll need to make

1 cup whole green mung (soaked for a couple of hours)
2 1/2 tsp dry mango powder
1 green chilly (finely chopped)
1/2 tsp coriander powder
salt to taste

Method: Grind the soaked mung beans with a little water. Add the seasoning and enough water to make a batter of pouring consistency, slightly thicker than a pancake batter.

Grease a hot griddle and drop a tablespoon of batter onto it. Spread it in a circular manner, going as thin as you dare! The thinner the layer, the crisper and quicker it will cook. cover with a lid and cook till golden on one side. Flip and cover and cook the other side as well. Fold carefully and serve with chilled, plain yogurt.

To really jazz it up, you could stuff it with a cottage cheese filling or a fresh veggie salad! But I love it just the way it is, straight off the griddle!

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