Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sheesha, Schezwan and Chai!

When you see MASH from outside, it looks like an old forgotten 'garden restaurant'. Indeed when you enter, the decor bears testimony. But look beyond the faded rugs and scarred tables, and you see a place thrumming with the vibrance of youth.
This outdoor cafe is one of the most popular student hangouts. Seated at either the Arabesque diwans or the cafeteria like benches, you can have your fill of some of the yummiest food at really affordable prices.
The diverse menu has on offer Iranian, Chinese and Indian. But what really makes this joint a hot favourite, is their wide array of sheeshas! (Sheesha, you ask? Its another name for the hookah, the hubble bubble, the smoke water pipe...get my drift?!) For just rs. 120, you can choose any flavour and sit for an unlimited number of coal changes! Got a better deal? My pick of flavours are the cigar-pan rasna combo and the kacchi kairi-mint. Of course, you could customize your own :)
Coming back to the food, you could choose from the massive helpings of beef curry-rice, the schezwan noodles or the many fresh fruit juices. My top picks are the jujeh kebab (succulent, mildly flavoured chunks of grilled chicken), the chicken lollipop (crispy coated drumsticks), chilly paneer (spicy Chinese style cottage cheese) and the home-style french fries. And you could top it all with some sinful Chocolate Mousse (only Rs. 40!!!!) and the refreshing Iranian chai!
With jus a couple of hundred in your pocket, stop by anytime and kick your shoes off at Mash!

Location: opp Palace Orchard,
NIBM Annexe,
Pune, India.

Timings: 11 am - midnight!

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